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The Insurance Nightmare Continues...

So, after posting my last video about my NY State of Health & Fidelis Care nightmare, and sending all the info to my state representative and city council person, I received a call from a retention specialist at Fidelis.

We had a conference call with NY State of Health, where they at least verbally confirmed that I won my appeal and should have my advance tax credits backdated to March 2022.

I woke up this morning to a new notice in my account - repeating the wrong, pre-appeal dates. Sigh.

And then I've received several calls today from a woman who I assume is a manager at NY State of Health, but with no extension or last name, I can't call her back. I refuse to call the main number and go through the story again with a customer care rep. Dramatic sigh.

Hopefully Jonathan at Fidelis Care will have more luck than me.

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