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Teaching Pilates for Osteoporosis and Chronic Back, Neck, & Shoulder Pain

When I started teaching Pilates in 1989, I worked in a sports medicine podiatrist's office, and I was immediately faced with clients in chronic pain.

Years later, I know that while all Pilates programs talk about the basics of handing weak bones and chronic pain, you don't get a good deep dive until after you've started teaching.

You can be part of a small group of Pilates pros who will learn the modifications, variations, and other specifics for working with low bone density and chronic pain clients. And, most important, will learn why, when, and how to use them.

No dogma, just facts, science, and keeping your clients safe, strong, happy, and returning to you for the long term.

All Pilates backgrounds are welcome. We'll discuss any workarounds for different brands of apparatus, and props for home. Your will gain confidence, and your teaching will be less stressful.

Link in bio or https://lyndalippin.com/pilates-teacher-mastermind

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