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Pilates Transparency Project Fundraisers

With all the ridiculous sh*t happening in this world, we have another lawsuit in the Pilates world. In this one (started by the same person who lost the trademark in 2000), a classical Pilates teacher is being sued for posting some photos of Joe Pilates that appeared to be public domain. Hence, the Pilates Transparency Project!

Why should you care? Because, at least 8 teachers/studios have had their entire social media presence taken down due to nebulous copyright complaints. This case will decide what we can post and what we can't.

I'm teaching some online Pilates classes & workshops as dedicated fundraisers to support the Pilates Transparency Project - 50% of proceeds are going straight to PTP!

The first class is tomorrow at 3-4pm ET - Advanced Osteoporosis-friendly Pilates Mat (and, yes, I mean Advanced). Great for Pilates teachers & advanced practitioners! Replay is included, if you can't make the live.

Here's the link to see all the classes, and I'll update the list regularly (link in bio, too) - https://fitlynda.com/ptp

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