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Pilates Teachers - Please Stop Using Neutral Spine As A Cue!

I know, I know. You don't want to see clients flattening their backs and compressing their spines.

But your clients aren't sure about what neutral spine even means! I spoke yesterday about a client who was told that in neutral her lumbar spine should be lifted off the mat 1-2", which put her into hyperextension and aggravated an old tailbone issue.

So take a listen and see what a different approach might look and sound like.

And if this speaks to you, I'd love to teach you more!

Join me for a 4-session workshop on Teaching Pilates for Chronic Neck & Shoulder Pain! Our first live is tomorrow, then we skip a week, and finish by end of July. You'll have live recorded workshops, pre-recorded workshops, live Q & As, and a FB group for questions and community.

Any questions? Ask in comments or DM me!

More info & register using link in bio, or https://pilatesteachermastermind.com

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