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Osteoporosis is now a public health crisis

It's official, osteoporosis is a public health crisis in the US, Britain, and other countries. In the US, 25% of men and 50% of women over 50 will have a PREVENTABLE osteoporosis fracture.

What can you do to prevent an osteoporosis-related fracture?

Eat well, take calcium and vitamin D, and...

Exercise! Weight-bearing, bone loading exercise along with core work for back strength is the best thing you can do.

Not sure what to do and how? I can help you! I specifically work online with women over 50 who have osteoporosis or are concerned about fractures. Strong Bones Pilates™ will keep you safe and strong!

Want more info? Comment, DM me, click the link in my bio or go to https://lyndalippin.com

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