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4. The State of Pilates with Joan Breibart

Pilates is at a crossroads (as is all fitness right now), and we need to decide whether to look ahead and move forward, or focus on the past.

I've been working with Joan Breibart for over 30 years, since I became a founding member of the Institute for the Pilates Method in 1991. Joan is a force, and was the first person Sean Gallagher sued in the infamous trademark lawsuit.

She has a lot to say about where Pilates has been and where it's going, and whether or not you agree, I think you'll find our conversation interesting.

More About Joan:

Grandmother, Inventor, Author & Visionary with 10 US Patents; Responsible for making Pilates a household name; Wellness industry disruptor; Creator of 80Bites. Joan Breibart, Founder of the PhysicalMind Institute, started the Pilates boom in 1991 when she organized The Institute for the Pilates Method which introduced the first Pilates certification program; the first Pilates Matwork video, “Working out the Pilates Way”;  and the first Pilates encyclopedias on the Exercise for the MAT and Reformer....

See more about Joan and her inventions at The PhysicalMind Institute (https://physicalmindinstitute.com)

Click here to read the Pilates trademark reversal decision at Harvard Law (https://h2o.law.harvard.edu/cases/4808) .

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