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April 13, 2023

76. Ayurveda for Chronic Disease with Simmi Chopra

76. Ayurveda for Chronic Disease with Simmi Chopra

I've been a huge fan of Ayurveda since my time at Parrot Cay, where I worked closely with our Ayurvedic doctor and experienced some profound positive change in my body as a result.

In today's discussion with NYC-based Ayurvedic doctor Simmi Chopra, we discuss both of our journeys from chronic disease to more balanced health, and how Ayurveda helps. We discuss what Ayurvedic medicine is and the dangers of an uninformed approach to Ayurveda, as we dispel several common myths about Ayurveda and cleansing.

If you've ever been interested in this effective ancient medicine tradition, this episode is for you!

About Simmi:
Simmi Chopra is an Ayurveda Doctor/ Practitioner based in NYC.  She has a double Masters in Biostatistics and Molecular Biology from Rutgers University and JNU, which allows her to understand health problems from both mainstream as well as Ayurvedic perspective.

During her college days, Simmi's chronic sinusitis became unbearable, so she ended up going to Vaid (Ayurvedic Doctor) in her hometown, Lucknow.  She was completely cured after 7 days of performing nasya, which is a very powerful therapy in Ayurveda. Since then she has seen amazing results with chronic migraine, diabetes, cholesterol, arthritis in my family.

The Ayurvedic perspective is based on the rejuvenation of your mind, body, and senses through changes in diet and lifestyle. Simmi holds workshops on Ayurveda in which she empowers people to start taking charge of their health and start eating, living mindfully according to Ayurvedic principles, and start being aware of the warning signs the body and mind gives before a health problem can manifest.

Simmi's website - https://sidhayur.com/
IG - https://instagram.com/Sidhayur
TikTok - https://tiktok.com/Sidhayur

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