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Feb. 21, 2023

61. Pilates Is A System

61. Pilates Is A System
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I'm seeing some disturbing Pilates teacher training trends online. From what I see, it seems that many Pilates teachers aren't getting what they should out of their training.

Pilates is not just the mat, the reformer, or the chair. Pilates is not just a group of exercises. Pilates is a system that has multiple components and ways of modification and variation. Minimally, even if you're just learning to teach mat, there should be some mention of the other apparatus and how mat fits in the system.

Your (online or live) Pilates training should include:

  • Learning the exercises as a Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced series with discussion of how and when to layer in new exercises, plus hands on.
  • Learning how to modify and vary exercises safely and effectively.
  • Observing and taking many classes and sessions from lead trainers as well as fellow apprentices.
  • Practice teaching new clients and people at different levels, with observation and comments.
  • Group support meetings to ask questions.
  • Anatomy and special population modifications.
  • Discussion of the system of Pilates, even if you're just learning part of it.

If you didn't get all of this in your training, come check out the fully onlinePilates Teacher Mastermind® VIP, where you'll get all the additional education and support you're missing. https://lyndalippin.com/pilates-teacher-mastermind

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