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Jan. 26, 2023

54. Are You Really Doing Pilates?

54. Are You Really Doing Pilates?

Lately my social feeds have been inundated with ads for "Pilates equipment". Band & tubing systems, bars with wheels, and souped up "reformers".

Conversely, I'm also seeing a lot of exercises done on mat & Pilates apparatus that are not Pilates exercises - exercises that Joseph Pilates didn't teach.

In this episode I try to push discernment. Let's learn what Joe Pilates actually taught, take a look at his actual apparatus that he invented, and ask ourselves if what we're doing and teaching is Pilates.

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Harry Styles, Giancarlo Esposito & other men doing Pilates - https://www.instagram.com/reel/CnSLtTLpnAT/

Andrea Maida on the order of the reformer - https://pilatesandrea.com/on-the-order-of-the-pilates-reformer-exercises/

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