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Jan. 3, 2023

47. When Self-Love Just Doesn't Work

47. When Self-Love Just Doesn't Work

Heads Up - This is a deeply personal episode, where I share a lot of my own struggles with loving myself. I discuss child abuse, self-loathing, and body dysmorphia.

If I hear the phrase "self-love" one more time, I think I will scream. First, what was taught to me as love growing up was very conditional and very dependent on my behavior, so I have no self-love that isn't conditional and performance-based.

If you have the same issues, don't feel bad. Many of us don't know what actual unconditional love looks like, so of course we have no idea how to love ourselves!

Let's talk about how to start that process, which has nothing to do with how much you eat or exercises, or whether you eat carbs.

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