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Dec. 20, 2022

43. Creating Your Own Success with Klarity (Greg Davis Jr.)

43. Creating Your Own Success with Klarity (Greg Davis Jr.)

I'm SO EXCITED about today's episode!

Let's welcome Greg Davis, Jr. - better known as Klarity. Greg is a friend and neighbor, and also happens to be a brilliant actor, filmmaker, and stand up comedian. His new short film, Day of Joy, premiers on Amazon Prime Video tomorrow 12/21/22!

Greg opens up about his experiences of racism growing up in the south, how imposter syndrome almost cost him his first multi-season comedy TV gig (and how the universe conspired to make it happen anyway), what it was like sharing short form comedy in the early days of Vine, and how he sold his short film to Amazon. We dig deep into the mindset and the actions that he consciously took to build his success.

About Greg:
Best known under his handle Klarity, Greg has established himself as one of the top comedy content creators, bringing his unique sense of humor and style to all his content. Greg was a series regular for three seasons on TBS "10 Items or Less,” had a recurring role on "Lincoln Heights," and has guest starred on "The Shield," "CSI: New York" and others. Greg has also been in two feature films, "The Eyes," and "Unbreak My Heart," and the Toni Braxton biopic where he played LA Reid. Greg is passionate about fitness, empowerment and charity, and his digital voice and business endeavors are reflective of this.

Greg is the co-founder of Enzo Industries, a production company with a mission to deliver authentic and inspirational stories on screens big, small, and mobile, with content that reaches a global audience that's hungry for change, positivity and leadership. Currently he is focused on a character-driven 12-episode digital series “Johari’s Window,” which was accepted at the Golden Short Film Festival in Rome. Most recently, Greg has been focused on standup comedy and hosting skills and will star as the host of Uninterrupted’s new digital series, ‘Put You On?’, a fast paced open conversation spotlighting up and coming athletes in collaboration with Nike.

IG: @Klarity https://www.instagram.com/klarity/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/jrgregdavis
Twitter - @Klarity https://twitter.com/klarity

Watch Day of Joy: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt14085296/

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