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July 26, 2022

0. Introduction

0. Introduction

Hello, my friends!

Just a quick introduction. I'm Lynda Lippin, the Pilates Goddess behind Lynda Lippin Pilates, Strong Bones Pilates™, & the Pilates Teacher Mastermind®. I've been in the Pilates and fitness game for 33+ years, owned award-winning studios, trained thousands of Pilates teachers, and even worked on an A-list private island in Turks & Caicos for a few years.

Look for 2 weekly episodes, one geared towards Pilates teachers (teaching Pilates, running a business, taking care of yourself, and everything in between) and one towards Pilates clients (mostly women over 50 with chronic pain or osteoporosis) in a mix of solo episodes and guest interviews.

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