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Dec. 30, 2020

Stupid Land: An Evening with the Paranoid Strain Soundtrack

Stupid Land: An Evening with the Paranoid Strain Soundtrack

The Stupidland guys are back

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The prophecy is fulfilled--the oracle's glass has shattered. The darkness emerges from its stygian pit and crawls across the desert floor. The Stupid slouches toward Bethlehem--to be REBORN.

In other words, the Stupidland guys are back.

I know. How did we get so lucky? Wait--that's not the word. Cursed. How did we get so cursed? Just lucky, I guess. Those of you who have joined us in recent years may not have been exposed to the beautifully produced, improvised nonsense that comes from the two men named Chad. But if this is your first exposure, at least it will be softened by the fact that the boys are talking about, between, and around the magnificent sounds of the Paranoid Strain Orchestra. If you enjoy this sample, please do visit them at their site, www.stupid.land for much, much more.


Free Music Archive: The Joy Drops - RollJordanRoll-stem-RhythmGtr-mandolin

Free Music Archive: Lobo Loco - Woke up This Morning - Jazz Organ (ID 1293)

Free Music Archive: Reeder - rigonfiamento del cuore (piano solo)

All other music copyright 2017-2020, The Paranoid Strain Orchestra


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