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The Paranoid Strain

The Paranoid Strain

The podcast that explains why so many people believe ridiculous conspiracy theories.

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New: Secret Societies I, Part 10 - Holy Blood, Holy Grail 2

July 27, 2021

Another fortnight, another episode about silly men and their silly book. Once again, we're discussing the work of Messrs. Lincoln, Baigent,and Leigh, who apparently never met a historical counterfactual they didn't immediately embrace. This t...

New: Secret Societies I, Part 9 - Holy Blood, Holy Grail 1

July 14, 2021

Episode 9 of the Secret Societies series, but also the second episode in our sub-series about the strange origins of the conspiracy theories that ended up powering Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code. Now, though, we actually move past that book to turn our...

New: Secret Societies I, Part 8 - The Da Vinci Code

June 30, 2021

YAY! We've reached Jesuit's favorite part of this series--a sort of 4-part sub-series of inter-connected conspiracy theories that build on each other to trace a tale that we think is honestly one of the most interesting subjects we've ev...

New: Secret Societies I, Part 7 - Cathars 2

June 15, 2021

I know that most of you woke up this morning and had that same thought you do every time you open your eyes. "How am I going to face the day without a podcast about a medieval French heresy, its violent persecution by the Church, and its eventual ...

New: Secret Societies I, Part 6 - Templars and Cathars

June 2, 2021

Yes, many of you, including notably the 40 Year Old Boy, Mike Schmidt, noticed that I made a typo in the numbering of the show last time. Regardless, we're back on track now, delivering the properly numbered 6th episode of our Secret Societies ser...

New: Secret Societies I, Part 4 - Knights Templar 3

May 18, 2021

And so we...nearly(?) come to the end of our coverage of the Knights Templar. I mean, there's a little bit that carries over to the next episode, but hardly any. And by the way, we know this one ends at kind of a weird point, at the end of a news ...