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The Paranoid Strain

The Paranoid Strain

The podcast that explains why so many people believe ridiculous conspiracy theories.

Recent Episodes

New! Qanon: How we got here - Portrait of the Jesuit as a young conspiracy obsessive

March 28, 2023

Yeah, this is kind of a weird one. Starts with a deconstruction of the two versions of the Christian End of the World novel Left Behind, then follows with an analysis of the weird shit young Jesuit listened to back in his 20…

New! Qanon: How we got here - How Trump had the Clintons executed (according to Q)

March 15, 2023

We're a day late, but boy howdy do we have some nonsense to share with you. Learn how the book of Revelation apparently predicted modern attack helicopters. And how Christian and Jewish zealots are working together to raise …

New! Qanon: How we got here - The Antichrist and Qanon

Feb. 28, 2023

When we started this series, who thought we would be doing a multi-episode detour into the Book of Revelation? Certainly not your fearful host. But the more we got into this topic, the more we realized that end-times fanatic…

New! Qanon: How we got here - The Book of Revelation, and why the world isn't ending

Feb. 14, 2023

Yeah, there's still a little sex-trafficking teaser at the beginning of this one, but it also inaugurates our next topic. That is--how did the apocalyptic year-2000 obsessions of the 90s seed the ground for the eschatologica…

New! Qanon: How we got here - How conspiracy-driven panics ruin lives

Jan. 31, 2023

We said last episode was our final Satanic Panic episode, and we meant it! At least, mostly--we still have to wrap up the surprising and awful story of how our interviewee, Justin Sledge, found himself caught up in a late-br…

New! Qanon: How we got here - Confessing to imaginary crimes

Jan. 17, 2023

The Paranoid Strain? They still do episodes of that show? Will wonders never cease. Sorry we're late. I promise, we weren't being neglectful. We just got caught up in a combination of holiday obligations, ongoing research, a…