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The Paranoid Strain

The Paranoid Strain

The podcast that explains why so many people believe ridiculous conspiracy theories.

Recent Episodes

New: Secret Societies I, Part 13 - The Rosicrucians 2

Sept. 15, 2021

More stories of the best darned secret society that didn't technically exist,! We return to the weird and wonderful world of the Rosicrucians this time, with stories of those who tried in vain to join the ephemeral brotherho…

New: Secret Societies I, Part 12 - The Rosicrucians

Sept. 1, 2021

If you, like Mike Schmidt, believed that our final statement at the end of last episode meant we were done with Secret Societies...well, I guess you had understandable reasons for thinking that. But it's not true. That just …

New: Secret Societies I, Part 11 - Priory of Sion and Rennes-le-Chateau

Aug. 11, 2021

And here we are--about to hear the final revelations of the misleading nonsense, con jobs, and pranks that eventually led to the edifice of bullshit that is The Da Vinci Code. We pick up with the story of Pierre Plantard (th…

New: Secret Societies I, Part 10 - Holy Blood, Holy Grail 2

July 27, 2021

Another fortnight, another episode about silly men and their silly book. Once again, we're discussing the work of Messrs. Lincoln, Baigent,and Leigh, who apparently never met a historical counterfactual they didn't immediate…

New: Secret Societies I, Part 9 - Holy Blood, Holy Grail 1

July 14, 2021

Episode 9 of the Secret Societies series, but also the second episode in our sub-series about the strange origins of the conspiracy theories that ended up powering Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code. Now, though, we actually move pas…

New: Secret Societies I, Part 8 - The Da Vinci Code

June 30, 2021

YAY! We've reached Jesuit's favorite part of this series--a sort of 4-part sub-series of inter-connected conspiracy theories that build on each other to trace a tale that we think is honestly one of the most interesting subj…