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Jan. 13, 2021

Quick Hit: Qanon (yes, again)

Quick Hit: Qanon (yes, again)


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I know. I know. I've got to be kidding with another goddamned Qanon episode. But I'm not, because they keep doing dumber and dumber shit. Unfortunately, as we saw on January 6th, that includes destruction, insurrection, murder, and mayhem. In this QUICK HIT, we fill you in on everything that happened with Q since the summer. Well, not everything, because this shit keeps happening on a daily basis. But this is all the Q we're doing for a while. After this, we're putting out a couple of months of archive episodes, and then it's full speed into secret societies. That stuff is gonna be great. Hope you enjoy this one. And thanks so much to listener and former Q devotee Ian Rose for granting us an illuminating interview.


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