Oct. 20, 2023

What is a CFO

What is a CFO

On this episode of "The CFO Mission," Phil Mazur shares his extensive experience as a fractional CFO, having worked with more than 100 businesses. Phil dives into the common challenges confronted by business owners, including inconsistent accounting practices and ineffective leadership. He emphasizes the significance of tailored solutions and understanding the CFO's role to prevent resource wastage. Phil also discusses the different sub-functions within the finance department and the CEO's need to comprehend and take charge of these areas. He urges business owners to assume control of their finances, while underscoring the importance of defining what a CFO truly means for their particular business.

"CFOs are not responsible for your results." - Phil Mazur

What you will learn:

  • What is a CFO?

  • Common challenges faced by business owners

  • The fractured relationship between a CEO and a CFO

  • Setting Expectations for the CFO Role

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