Sept. 19, 2023

The Dominion Warrior with Chad Brown

The Dominion Warrior with Chad Brown

In today's episode of the CFO Mission Podcast, Phil Mazur engages in a thought-provoking discussion with Chad Brown, a successful entrepreneur from New Orleans. Chad shares his personal journey of growth and spiritual awakening, shining a light on the transformative power of his involvement in the Warrior program and his deep connection with God. He emphasizes the importance of tuning in to God's voice and building an authentic relationship with Him. Chad also emphasizes the need for churches to create an environment that fosters genuine conversations and personal transformation. He introduces his empowering program, Dominion Warrior, which equips individuals to make meaningful choices and develop a stronger bond with God. Phil and Chad also highlight the crucial role of community in following God's path.

"What God is going to eventually call you into is something that's very uncomfortable. He's not calling you into the lap of comfort, that's for the next life. In this life, He's calling you into a war." - Chad Brown

What you will learn:

  • Chads decision to leave AA

  • The meaning of prayer and meditation

  • The role of truth in prayer

  • The need for honest conversations in church

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