Aug. 22, 2023

Revelation To Results

Revelation To Results

In today's episode, Phil Mazur, host of the CFO Mission podcast, shares a tool that has helped him transform his life by mastering his mindset. He tells a personal story about a challenging situation with a client's payroll system, and how a conversation with a QuickBooks representative helped him shift his perspective and consider alternative possibilities. The episode emphasizes the importance of mastering one's mindset and emotions to solve problems effectively and achieve personal and professional goals. Phil also introduces the concept of “stacking” and how it has become an integral part of his daily routine for creating positive outcomes.

"I felt calm, my anxiety was gone, I wasn't angry anymore, I had let go of all the emotions, I was thinking logically, and I knew exactly what I needed to do." - Phil Mazur

What you will learn:

  • The importance of trust and partnership

  • Realizing the positive aspects and action plan

  • Using the Stack app for self-reflection and problem-solving

  • The power of creating a new story 

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