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Sept. 13, 2023

What a Ride - The Josh Quigley Interview

Today's guest is athlete, cyclist and speaker, Josh Quigley. What a ride it's been for Josh, from surviving a head on collision to cycling around the world.

Who Is Josh Quigley:

t's a tale of determination, grit, and pure, raw human endurance. Having been shared with the likes of Airbnb, Sky TV, Royal Bank of Scotland and Rapha, Josh Quigley's powerful story engages and inspires.

No stranger to adversity, Josh has overcome obstacle after obstacle in the last 7 years. Mental health challenges. A failed suicide attempt. A near fatal crash, hit by a car doing 70mph whilst cycling across America. And yet, he's still here telling his story.

Drawing on huge mental strength and resilience, Josh pushed through these chapters. What happened next?

Josh completed his 26,000-mile cycle round the world at the 8th attempt, cycling 2,179 miles in 7 days to set a Guinness World Record. He impacted thousands of lives, through charity fundraising and public speaking work with young people in schools UK-wide.

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