Never Hibernate On Your Goals


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Chicken soup for the soul, for lads
Just had a listen to “Finding Your Latitude” and, tellin’ ya, it was just what the doctor ordered. Been feelin’ a bit lost lately, and this episode was like a mate givin’ ya a nudge in the right direction. Dead simple but proper impactful, like sittin’ down for a pint with your pals. For any lads out there who’ve lost their bearings a bit, you wanna give this one a go. Hats off to Joe and Charles for a boss episode!

Dialogue with depth
Listening to this interview with Dr. Sinicropi was like sitting down for coffee with a friend who just happens to know a ton about medicine. He’s got this rare gift of breaking down the doctor-speak into something anyone can grasp, without losing an ounce of the depth. And the vibes between him and Charles made me want to be a participant. Charles isn’t just another interviewer; his knack for active listening is impressive. In my opinion, he’s right up there with the big names, making everyone feel like they’re the only one in the room. It felt less like a formal Q&A and more like a real heart-to-heart between friends. Dr. Sinicropi’s genuine care and down-to-earth nature, mixed with Charles’ knack for real conversation, turned what could’ve been just another interview into something pretty special. Well done gentlemen, you both gained a new fan.

Great thoughtful questions.
Really appreciate the thoughtful questions and the research Charles did on this episode. Thanks for having me on!

Outstanding podcast that is a must listen!!
Had the honor of being interviewed by Charles on the show and it was an incredible experience! I’ve become a big fan of the show myself and it’s great watching Charles get so much great information out of his guests! If you are seeking inspiration this is the place to be!

The bear essentials
The Bear Essentials is my go-to podcast whenever I need a healthy dose of mindset and motivation in my day. Charles Wallace has a particular talent for bringing the best out of his guest and the topics are always on point. If you are looking for ideas and inspiration on how to become the best version of yourself this the the one to go for.

A show with heart
Charles Wallace is the man, an interviewer with that rare combination of accomplishment without ego. Classy guy, classy podcast, really feels like you get to know the guests on a personal level. Have subscribed on YouTube and don’t miss an episode!

I don’t miss one!
Always inspiring, great content,and guests. Charles is one of the better podcasters out there.

A gift to the internet
Do yourself a favor and listen to this show! Charles is a gifted interviewer with a genuine heart for growth. Charles has an incredibly powerful and inspirational story and pulls that into his conversations with his guests. Hit that subscribe button and get on the rocket ship!