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July 5, 2023

Scrumming For Success - The Jonny Grayshon Interview

Today's guests, Jonny Grayshon, is a former professional rugby player turned trainer and coach who is now helping those scrumming for success and tackling life's challenges.

Who Is Jonny Grayshon:

Jonny spent over 12 years at the pinnacle of professional sport, with over 200 Super League appearances. Renowned for his mental toughness, upon retiring from professional sport Jonny became an elite-level strength and conditioning coach. He's the founder of an international body transformation business that has changed the lives of over 1,000 clients to date. He's a proud dad of two and is committed to doing the inner work required to understand what true masculinity looks like in the second peak of life.

NXT 45:

Too many men are struggling to navigate midlife with catastrophic consequences to family, relationships, communities and society. Our mission is to change the conversation about men's health. Empowering and educating men to become the best versions of themselves in the second half of life.

Where Can I Follow Jonny and NXT 45:

Official Website - NXT 45

LinkedIn - Jonny Grayshon

From Your Host:

"I am on a journey to be the best version of myself and want to ensure others don't travel alone. Join me as I look to interview experts in areas of mindset, motivation and fitness to help guide us on our journeys." ~Charles Wallace

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