May 1, 2022

Whatever It Takes w/ Ju Hong

Whatever It Takes w/ Ju Hong

TW / CW: Discussions of Undocumented Immigrant Trauma

(S7, EP 1) To kick things off, Ju Hong joined me for this season 7 official 1st episode as he shared his experiences in immigration activism as an undocumented Asian immigrant. He talked about the moment when he interrupted President Obama's speech in 2013 when he called him out on the administration's inaction on immigration and its record deportations under his watch. Ju brought up his recent experience when his DACA renewal was delayed, causing him to lose his job and healthcare protection, and how the renewal delays have affected other DACA recipients.  Please listen to learn more on Ju's story and his work on immigration activism! 



Ju Hong was the former Program Financial Analyst at the Alameda Cty Social Services Agency.  Previously, Ju was a Governmental Program Analyst at the Immigration and Refugee Branch of the CA Dept of Social Services which funds over 100 community-based orgs to provide legal services to immigrant communities throughout California.

Ju came to the US from South Korea at the age of 11 and grew up in the Bay Area. He graduated from Laney College in Oakland and transferred to UC, Berkeley, where he became the first undocumented student government senator in UC Berkeley’s history and graduated with a BA in Political Science.

Ju has contributed and published immigration articles on Politico, Huffington Post, and The Korea Times. Ju also has a personal documentary called Halmoni.

Ju currently serves as a board chair of the National Korean American Service & Education Consortium (NAKASEC), and a member of the Leadership Council of Immigrants Rising. Ju received his Master’s in Public Administration at San Francisco State University. Ju is also a certified coach through the Leadership that Works credential through the International Coach Federation, and obtains a Government Alliance on Race and Equity certification. He is currently working on his passion project – ImmigrAsians Podcast where he captures the unique stories of Asian undocumented individuals living in the US. You can follow his passion project on Instagram @ImmgrAsians



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