July 4, 2021

Unapologetically Liberating w/ Ishani Chokshi

Unapologetically Liberating w/ Ishani Chokshi

(S5, EP 6) Ishani Chokshi (She / They) joins me for this episode as she speaks on the recent challenges she experienced as a South Asian trans woman studying in law school, and names the barriers that current policy and law makers have enforced that harms queer and transgender communities.  We talk about her own becoming as a trans woman of color, and her close bond with her communities to celebrate her community family.  Check out for more on this episode and follow the work of Trikone on IG @TrikoneChicago. 


Ishani (she/they) is an androgynous trans woman and an art-turned-law student obsessed with using art to bring out the truths of queer and transgender youth of color. She is also on the board of Trikone Chicago, Chicagoland's largest South Asian LGBTQ+ organization. She believes that our truths will free and heal not only us, but everyone!

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