Feb. 7, 2022

The Remembrance & Advocacy for Christian Hall

The Remembrance & Advocacy for Christian Hall

TW / CW:  Police Violence, Mental Health, Adoptee Trauma  

I sat down with Fe and Gareth Hall who are the parents of Christian Hall and joined with Nicole Henriquez, .  Christian was a 19 yr old Chinese American adoptee who was murdered by police in a mental health crisis in NE Pennsylvania on 12/30/2020 for an upcoming emergency episode of my podcast.  Currently, no one has been charged with his murder nor has there been any action from the PA state's attorney's office.  With the help of Black, Asian, and other community activists, the advocacy movement for Christian is very much alive.  What I wanted to do was focus on who Christian was as a son, and who he was a young 19 year old.  What is often missing especially among BIPOC folks who have been killed during mental health emergencies are the stories of who they were as human beings, when much of the narrative focuses on the final seconds of their life.  It is also important to read the stories of BIPOC adoptees and the intergenerational traumas connecting to adoptees. There were so many beautiful stories that his parents Fe and Gareth were able to lift up while also sharing the struggles of mental health support and the call-to-action to pressure the DA office to look into Christian's case.  In the meantime, I just wanted to acknowledge how grateful and honored I am for their trust in me to facilitate this very difficult conversation, and many thanks to Nicole Henriquez, Christian's aunt and family advocate for bringing this interview together.  Please be on the lookout as I'll share an update when the episode is released.    Below are links to the case and updates on Christian Hall, and also on the stories of adoptees.

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