July 18, 2021

Social Justice through the Digital Space(s) w/ Deepankar Tripurana

Social Justice through the Digital Space(s) w/ Deepankar Tripurana

(S5, EP 8) As part of Season 5's "Our Becoming: An LGBTQ Asian Experience", Deepankar Tripurana (all pronouns) joined me for this week's episode.  This episode was recorded on 4/7/21 as Deep shared their experiences navigating queer and trans identity in their South Asian family and community, and being raised in the Midwest.  They talk about what got them inspired into activism and what it means for them.  They talk about their involvement in digital movement spaces, and advice on how to process being an administrator in these spaces.  Please check out this episode for more! 


Deep Tripurana (any pronoun with respect) is a Queer Trans-Hijra South Asian American born in Southern India and mostly raised in northern, Illinois. They attended Lawrence University for a B.A. in Biomedical Ethics, looking at holistic analysis of decisions within healthcare fields through the lens of all stakeholders, historical context, and culturally transformative policies. Currently, they work as an academic tutor and workshop facilitator, entering clinical research to look at intersections of public health disparities with historically marginalized communities. They also provide support organizations like Black and Asian Solidarity Series, COUNT US IN, Subtle Asian Activists, and Midwest Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Students Union. In their free time, Deep enjoys playing piano/guitar, cooking with close friends, practicing Hatha Yoga, and working on art projects.

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