March 7, 2021

Setting the Stage for Equity & Inclusion w/ Emjoy Gavino

Setting the Stage for Equity & Inclusion w/ Emjoy Gavino

(S4, EP 10) Filipino-American casting director / actor / theatre veteran Emjoy Gavino joined me as a guest for this week's episode.  Emjoy is also the founder of The Chicago Inclusion Project, a start-up organization seeking to facilitate inclusive experiences and hiring practices throughout Chicago theatre.  We spoke on racial, gender, and other forms of discrimination in the theatre scene, and how this affects many Asian American actors. We talk about why #representationmatters doesn't go far enough, and how BIPOC communities can continue to dismantle white supremacy and patriarchal toxicity in the theatre spaces. For more on The Chicago Inclusion Project, visit them at 



Emjoy Gavino has been a casting director for American Theatre Company, the Hypocrites, Theatre on the Lake, Victory Gardens Theatre and The Gift Theatre where she is also an associate artistic director. Chicago Acting Credits include Animal Farm, You Got Older, The Drunken City (Steppenwolf Theatre) Do You Feel Anger (A Red Orchid); Kentucky (The Gift); Vietgone (Writers); Bull in a China Shop (AboutFace); You on the Moors Now (The Hypocrites); Realish Housewives (Second City); Failure: A Love Story (Victory Gardens); Electra (Court); Working (Broadway Playhouse); Act(s) of God (Lookingglass); …Neo-Futurist Christmas Carol (The Neo-Futurists). Regional acting Credits: Repertory Actors Theatre, ACT, Village Theatre, Studio Theatre. Television: The Exorcist, Mob Doctor, Chicago Fire/Med. Emjoy is a 3Arts Make a Wave grantee, a 2020 3Arts awardee, and the founder of The Chicago Inclusion Project


Season 4 is sponsored by Red Scarf Revolution (RSR).  RSR aims to bring awareness to the tragedies, atrocities and cultural destruction the Cambodian people endured from 1975 to 1979 under the Khmer Rouge regime and how that period impacts us today.  With that awareness, Red Scarf Revolution advocates the silenced art, music, culture,  and language, with designs that incite the resiliency of the Cambodian people.  Visit them at to check out their merch line and to learn more about their work, or follow their Instagram at red_scarf_revolution or on their Facebook.

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