June 12, 2022

Replenishing Ourselves w/ Soultree

Replenishing Ourselves w/ Soultree

(S7, EP 4)

Soultree Camba (they/them), Filipinx Marshallese American artist, creator, and longtime friend joined me for this week's episode. They shared their experience transition from immigrant organizing to healing and artistry work. Soultree talked about the importance of honoring independent artists for their time and labor, as well as their upcoming projects.  Soultree gives a special performance of their new song, "Can't Wait" here and ends the show with a breathing exercise session.  You won't want to miss this special episode!



Soultree is a cultural creator with two music projects Soultree EP and Malaginto and one practice called SHHAA (Sustainable Holistic Healing Arts & Activations) out in the world to serve and center their immigrant, queer, Asian, Pacific Islander communities and those in alignment and connection with these experiences and cultures.

With a background in Family Studies, Labor Studies, Legal assistance, and various forms of social justice organizing and civic engagement work, they’ve always had music as a focal point for their healing, sense of sanctuary, safety, and freedom, and bringing together communities.

Through their music and SHHAA, they use words, sounds, movement, divination (tarot), energy rebalancing (reiki), and bodywork (massage) to bridge the gap between surviving and thriving for themselves and their communities.


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