May 29, 2022

Making Way for the Khmer Renaissance w/ Sotheara Lim

Making Way for the Khmer Renaissance w/ Sotheara Lim

(S7, EP 3) Sotheara Lim, founder of Khmer Renaissance which is a community-driven Instagram platform that celebrates the Khmer identity and experience, talked about what led him to create his digital platform.  We discussed how the deficit-level approach when there are only stories told about the Khmer culture and people through trauma, specifically with the Khmer Rouge genocide can often be harmful to the Khmer community.  Sotheara offers ways in which we can share the stories that revolve around joy and ambition through our own different platforms, and how this could drive more opportunities for fellow Khmer folks to thrive. You won't want to miss this interview!


Sotheara Lim is a second generation Khmer American of Khmer, Chinese and Vietnamese descent. He currently resides in Long Beach, CA close to Cambodia Town and works in tech as a Project Manager, specifically in marketing. He founded Khmer Renaissance during the pandemic in May 2021 after the horrific massage parlor shootings in Atlanta. At its core, Khmer Renaissance is a community-driven Instagram platform looking to provide curated reflections and visibility on the Khmer identity and experience through various mediums. IG @KhmerRenaissance


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