July 25, 2021

Channeling Our Intergenerational Resilience w/ Danielle Tanimura

Channeling Our Intergenerational Resilience w/ Danielle Tanimura

(S5, EP 9) Danielle Tanimura (She / Hers) joined me for this episode as part of the Season 5 theme, "Our Becoming: An LGBTQ Asian Experience." This episode was recorded in mid-April.  In this episode, Danielle talked about her family's past leading up to the Japanese American incarceration camps during WWII and the trauma that would affect her family for decades long after that period.  She talked about her own interest in digging through her family's history as well as the history of the Japanese community in Chicago.  As an open trans woman and mother, Danielle reflected back on the beginning of her journey, and how her experiences as a former judo competitor have made her a vocal supporter for trans athletes in a time where anti-trans laws are targeting the trans community.  Check out this episode to learn more about Danielle's journey!


Danielle Tanimura is a queer trans mom, artist, and judo sensei of Japanese American and Bohemian Jewish ancestry. Born and raised in Chicago in an intergenerational and multicultural household, she learned the values of a strong family, preserving history, following her passions, and creating space for intersectional and inclusive communities.After graduating from Earlham College, Danielle worked at the Japanese American Service Committee’s Legacy Center Archive while teaching children and adults of all abilities at the Menomonee Judo Club. Her digital artwork has  been featured at galleries all over the city. Danielle’s preschool age kiddo keeps her pretty busy these days.

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