Nov. 12, 2021

Season 6 Finale & The Start of My Extended Hiatus!

Season 6 Finale & The Start of My Extended Hiatus!

After two years, six seasons, and 80+ episodes of The Banh Mi Chronicles Podcast, I am finally going on my much-needed hiatus into next summer! With school, new job, and other focuses that I want to devote my time to, this is the right time for me to put the long pause on. What an incredible ride it has been so far in those two years, and during a time of reckoning, global tragedies, and reshaping. Thank you to all of my guests and followers who have contributed so much to this show, and for trusting me to share their stories and work. I am deeply appreciative of what this podcast has done for me on a personal level, and I hope that you get a chance to check out episodes that you might have missed. With that said, here's what to expect: . .


1) I'll be reposting past episodes once a month

2) I'm looking forward to sharing some personal writings on Medium (I've been in the mood to write for quite some time)

3) I will still remain active on IG & FB and helping to amplify some of the work that our community is doing whenever I can. . Thank you for all your support. I am grateful to use these platforms to share our story, our history, and our vision. Continue to make yours!

Listen to the season finale here:


Guests S1 - S6: Etzkorn Wong Thanhha Lai Joanna Leynes Viet Thanh Nguyen Hac Tran Saymoukda Vongsay Anu Bhatt Silong Chhun Michael Van Pham Simone Cottrell Huy Nguyen Hella Chluy Jennifer Ho Van Huynh Joy Messinger Punisa Pov Brandon Lee Tony Ho Tran Lyk Yoeun Sina Sam Sok Theary Nak Tung Nguyen SuperKnova Kevin Yang Ada Cheng Khemarey Khoeun Loreen Targos Sambath Meas Cathy Park Hong Loung Ung Annie Tan Phuc Tran Tereza Lee Josina Morita Maya Reddy TRACE Anoop Prasad Rebecca Ozaki MILCK Phillip Ozaki Jianan Shi Amy M. Le Kristina Tendilla Kalaya'an Mendoza Chris Chyung Steve Moon Michelle Mijung Kim Emjoy Gavino Suely Saro Sovanna Pouv Catzie Villayphonh Kevin Stea Andy Marra Alex Jenny Eric Nguyen Helen Zia Akemi Kochiyama Hunny Hach Virginia Nguyen Vichet Chum Stacy Yung Rohan Zhou Lee Nisha Mody Ishani Chokshi Vi Son Trinh Deepankar Tripurana Ly Tran Danielle Tanimura Rose Khun Alex Torres Dany Pen Steven Wakabayashi Joshua Nguyen