April 12, 2022

April Galore!

Greetings everyone,

As April is underway, there are several things happening this month that I'm excited to share with you.  Here are a few things that I've broken down in each short section:
It has been quite a while since I wrote an article!  I share about the sustainability and self-care challenges of running a podcast as a solo host and producer, and why many new indie podcasters struggle to continue their podcast after a couple of episodes.  I also share important points about what it means to know your podcast's mission and how it affects your sustainability and drive as a podcaster.  Click on the highlighted link above to read more!
New Sponsor Announcement:
I am proud to announce my new partnership w/ Nguyen Coffee Supply, a Vietnamese American owned coffee supply company based in Brooklyn.  Nguyen Coffee Supply will be one of the main sponsors of this upcoming 7th season of the podcast. They bring organic, sustainable coffee beans from a Vietnamese-owned farm in Vietnam and seek to bring diversity, inclusion, and sustainability in their mission.  Thank you to founder Sahra Nguyen and her team for supporting the podcast.  I am incredibly honored for their support and belief in my podcast's mission. Nguyen Coffee Supply is a wonderful brand that I hope you can all join me in supporting.  Please visit them at www.nguyencoffeesupply.com or type in their name on Facebook and Instagram to follow them.  Wait for more details from them. :-)
In other sponsor news...... I am happy to report the return of Red Scarf Revolution as my sponsor again.  They have sponsored my podcast since Season 3.  Red Scarf Revolution is a merchandise line amplifying the Cambodian American / diaspora identity and experience, and an evolving presentation and cultural preservation of Cambodian diaspora/ Cambodian American history. Thank you to Silong Chhun, friend, former guest, and founder of this brand for the support of my podcast.  Please check them out at https://redscarfrevolution.com or on IG @red_scarf_revolution . 
Season 7 launch:
I am eager to launch the long-awaited upcoming Season 7.  It has been several months since my last season when I went on a much-needed hiatus and, gosh did it feel great to step away even though there were times when I was so eager to get back into the mic.  Now that I'm back on, I have an amazing fresh lineup and a new theme, "reClaim." which goes into the journey of what it means to reclaim our story as part of the uncovering of past history, the writing of current history, and transforming the way our history can look like in the future.  I will be releasing every other week this time around and keeping it to 7 episodes.  The season will kick off on Sunday, April 24th, and go through July 31st. 
Contest Giveaway:
For those who use Instagram (my IG handle is BanhMi_Chronicles), I will be giving away a copy of Monica Sok's debut poetry book, "A Nail the Evening Hangs On".  Monica is a 2nd generation Cambodian American poet and educator.  It is an excellent read on the Cambodian diaspora and I highly recommend it.   Check for my post on Monica this Saturday and follow the rules that I'll be instructing on there.   Contest on IG will go from Saturday 4/9 until Sunday 4/17 1 pm CST.  You will also get a signed BMC postcard as well.  Hope you jump on this opportunity!
April Remembrances & AA/PI Month in May:
As a person of Khmer and Vietnamese descent, the month of April comes with celebration and mourning.  Celebration because of the Khmer, Songkran New Year's this month and the resilience of our survival and regenesis, while on the other hand, it is mourning the loss and trauma during the Khmer Rouge genocide, the ending of the Vietnam & Laos Civil War.   In spite of the traumatic history, we have seen our communities continue to evolve and witness the impact that many of our members have turned their vision into the kind of community spaces that we are proud to walk into and be in relationship with. 
For Asian American & Pacific Islander Month, this is an opportunity to recognize our history, our contributions, our expansive layers & intersectionalities, and a reminder of what needs to be done for the next 11 months.  Join us in celebrating this May and learn the history while unlearning the harm that often hurts our community.  This is how we achieve solidarity together! 
In recognition of AA/PI Month and Khmer New Year's, I am taking donations for my work relating to the podcast.  This will help to cover the expenses relating to editing, storage, services, time and labor, guest support.  Your help is greatly appreciated and will go towards supporting the stories that are being amplified through this platform.  
Here's the link where you can donate:  https://ko-fi.com/banhmichronicles   
Thank you so much for your support and I look forward to kicking my season 7 off soon!