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Amazing story of an amazing woman
I cannot rave enough about this podcast. I read Diana's book, and to listen to the podcast, I felt like the book came alive. God has provided for and delivered Diane all of her life. What an astounding testimony of God's miracle hand working her life. God bless the Hassan family.

I first met Diane Saliba in 1968 when we were students at the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa and we lived across the hall from each other. She was always kind, considerate, friendly, compassionate, making time for everyone. Her soft spoken voice was, and still is calming to all those around her. Her quiet faith was always a gentle reminder to the sometimes loud and obnoxious college girls around her. We reconnected a couple of years ago and I must say I was floored at all her “adventures,” but not at all surprised at her successes and accomplishments!! What a great example to us all! And, yes, there are angels among us 😊♥️ I thoroughly enjoyed her book and the podcast.

A marriage that survived and thrived, The Diane Hassan Story
The story was very interesting and well said by Diane, they touched on all important parts of what happened. I read the book and the pod cast was well spoken by Diane! She is a very elegant person and a great speaker

Great Content
Love the podcast good subject matter

Valuable information
This podcast is very valuable for men and women

Great show
The host very knowledgeable

Best podcast EVER
So much knowledge…..must listen!!

Great Content
Very informative

Love it
This podcast makes you think it provides valuable content

Great podcast
This podcast is very informative Love it

Step Fathers
I truly enjoyed the podcast, very good content

Honest Assessment
First of all this is a good podcast with very good subject matter. The host is good. However he could be a little more entertaining. However the subject matter requires some explaining. He uses statistics in the beginning which provides a foundation for the the episode. Love the Father’s Day and Is there a deficit of economically attractive men episodes. Another honorable mention is Don’t Let money ruin your marriage. My only complaint is he needs to do a little more editing. But that’s a critical assessment. Overall I think the information is good for men and women who want valuable information to help them navigate through life.

Love it
Good Subject matter. When the host shares his personal stories it adds to the quality of the podcast

This podcast is great! Very informative and the host is very knowledgeable

What a great Podcast
This podcast provide positive valuable information for both men and women. The host seem genuine and honest. Keep the content coming.

Great content
This podcast is incredible. I will continue listening.

Unbelievable podcast
This podcast is so good I love the content The Father’s Day episode was amazing

Great podcast
The content is great My favorite episode is when the host interviewed Judi Winbush Don’t Let money ruin your marriage

2 Thumbs Way Up
Andrew Johnson is a natural. Great content. Very informative.

Great Podcast
Very informative. Useful information.

Great Show!!!
This podcast has been a great blessing and continues to inspire. Please keep up the good work, and keep bringing great content.

Great show
Love the content definitely needed

Great podcast
This podcast gives you valuable information It is eye opening The host makes the subject matter easy to understand

Outstanding podcast
I recently listened to one episode and I was hooked I will continue to follow and listen worth a listen

I love this poscast
I love the content The host is very knowledgeable on a variety of subjects I like how he interacts with his guest

Love it
Love the podcast Enjoy the host. Great content.