Facts, Logic, and Reasoning

Season 2

Feb. 11, 2023

The Rise of the Single Lonely Man

In this episode I will discuss how a percentage of men are lonely and single. Are Women becoming more selective in choosing a husband. Is the unattractive man less appealing than in previous generations? Is there a social sk...

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Feb. 4, 2023

Men, Money, and Scripture

In this episode we will discuss, how we can use the Bible for practical modern financial application, with our returning guest Desmond Douglas Financial Advisor and author of "In God we Trust A Bible Study About Money. Visit...

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Jan. 28, 2023

Men, Stay Away from Financially Irresponsible People

In this episode we will discuss, why are some people financially irresponsible? What is the goal of a financially irresponsible person. What are the signs of a person who is financially irresponsible. How do you deal with the...

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Jan. 21, 2023

Is there a Good Man Problem

In this episode we will discuss, what are women looking for in a man. Who is the prize the man or the woman? Are women looking in the wrong places? What are men looking for in a woman? Lastly what …

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Jan. 14, 2023

Balancing Career and Family

In this episode we discuss how to effectively balance career, and family. What conversations should you have with your spouse about your career aspirations? How to spend quality time with your children? Lastly what are some s...

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Jan. 7, 2023

Keys to a Successful Marriage

In this episode we will discuss why its important to have a healthy marriage, and what are the keys to a successful marriage. How being self-aware before marriage is essential to being a good spouse? Effective Communication s...

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Dec. 31, 2022

The 3 13 Men Money and Marriage a Year in Review

In this episode we will discuss how the 3 13 men, money, and marriage came into existence. What were my expectations? Why did I start the podcast? How the podcast is performed in 2022, and what to expect going into …

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Dec. 24, 2022

Does Having a Girlfriend make men more Attractive

In this episode we will discuss, does having a girlfriend make men more attractive. We will talk about what is mate choice copying? Are there advantages to choosing someone who is already in a relationship? What are the disa...

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Dec. 17, 2022

Are Women Prioritizing Career over Marriage

In this episode we will talk about what are the top priorities of the modern independent woman, are these choices affecting the marriage rate. Is society prioritizing women in the workforce over family? Does the law of least ...

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Dec. 10, 2022

Until Debt Do us Part

In this episode we are going to talk about debt in a marriage. Should you bring debt into your marriage, what kind of questions should you ask your partner about debt. How as a couple do you handle and make …

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Dec. 3, 2022

Are Men and Women Attracted to Red Flags in Relationship

In this episode we will discuss why some men get in relationships with toxic women, why do some women love men with red flags. What are some of the red flags in men, women should be aware of? What are …

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Nov. 26, 2022

Should we Treat Marriage Like a Business

In this episode we are going to discuss, what are the similarities of a thriving business and a successful marriage. Do we pick the salesperson or the customer service representative. How can a business and marriage last for ...

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Nov. 26, 2022

The Adversaries of Self Improvement

In this episode I will discuss three adversaries for self improvement. I will talk about what they are, how they prevent self improvement, and what you can do to ensure these things don't interfere with your long term goals....

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Nov. 19, 2022

Do we have Unrealistic Expectations in our Relationships

In this episode we will discuss if our wants outweigh our needs, Do our expectations place an undue burden on our partner? Do we expect our partner to make a certain amount of money? Lastly are you coming into the …

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Nov. 12, 2022

Why Your Twenties Maybe the most Important Decade of your Life

In this episode, I will discuss why your twenties are an important decade of your life, the importance of having a mentor during this period. What things you can do to increase your level of success, and lastly how establishi...

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Nov. 5, 2022

Men, Use Dollar Cost Averaging to Build Wealth

In this episode we will give a definition of Dollar-Cost Averaging. How it can reduce price volatility. How to use dollar cost averaging to benefit your long-term investing strategy. The downside to dollar cost averaging, and...

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Oct. 29, 2022

The Benefits and Challenges of Being a Stepparent

In this episode we discuss the biggest challenges of being a stepparent. How to handle adverse situations that can occur. What you should never do as a stepparent, and lastly the benefits of the parent child relationship, wi...

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Oct. 22, 2022

Entrepreneurship and Your Health

In this episode, we will discuss why entrepreneurs are at risk for health related issues. Is the drive to succeed causing more health problems. The mental health challenges that entrepreneurs struggle with, and lastly what ca...

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Oct. 15, 2022

Building a Healthy Father Daughter Relationship

In this episode, we discuss what role a father plays in his daughter's life, what a daughter needs from her father? What are the positive benefits and what are the challenges of raising daughters, and how does a father suppor...

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Oct. 8, 2022

Men, Is She the One (Qualities of a Potential Wife)

In this episode we will talk about how men will know if she is the one for him. We will discuss how much does woman's beauty play into a man's decision to marrying a woman. What does it mean to …

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Oct. 1, 2022

Do Nice Guys Really Finish Last

In this episode we talk about, the different types of nice guys. Are nice guy bad boyfriends? Why does it seem that the bad boys get all the girls? Is there a middle ground between the bad boy and the …

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Sept. 24, 2022

Women, Find a Man with an Optimistic Mindset

In this episode we will discuss, Why is it important for women to find a man with an optimistic mindset. Why is Optimism a hallmark for success, Why Pessimists often underachieve, Why Optimistic men display self confidence, ...

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Sept. 17, 2022

The Benefits and Challenges of Being a Stay at Home Dad

In this episode we will discuss what is it like to be a stay at home Dad. Why are more men choosing to stay at home with the children? What are the challenges of being a stay at home Dad? …

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Sept. 10, 2022

Men Are You the Pilot or Passenger of your Finances

In this episode we will discuss how men have to take a leading or equal role in managing the finances of the household. We will discuss how to pay your bills Do you pay using electronic bill pay? How to …

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