Facts, Logic, and Reasoning
Sept. 1, 2022

The Power of Two Dollars a Day

A long time ago when I first separated from the military, a friend convinced me to join the IMA reserve program at the base I was separating from. I gave it some thought and eventually joined. After about 3 years of being a reservist in the IMA program that same friend asked me what do you do with the money you make from the reserves. I quickly told him" I spend it." He responded "how come you don't save it". I thought to myself and said it's not that much money. He then stated you should try to save some of it.  Further he made a recommendation that I try to save just two dollars a day. Initially didn't take his advice and continued to spend the money.  After a couple more years of being hardheaded I finally decided to give it a try. I would put two dollars everyday in an envelope until I got to 100 dollars.  I would then deposit those singles into my checking account.  I picked out a mutual fund from Money magazine's top 100 funds edition. Well After 18 years I can honestly say I'm surprised at the results. I won't give you the total, however I'm more than satisfied with the amount.  The point is just two dollars is enough to get started for investing.  It doesn't take a lot of money.  Money grows with time and being patient. In our country we often work for our money, pay bills and usually spend the rest on items of necessity, wants, and forms of entertainment. Usually there is very little left over for savings.  However if we make a small effort to invest in our future we will have a successful outcome.