Feb. 24, 2024

You Are Enough - Daniel Packard (#265)

Daniel Packard’s company is the only company in the world to offer this industry-disrupting ‘No Change No Charge’ guarantee because he believes when you’re in pain, you deserve results.


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Bio of Daniel Packard:

Daniel Packard is a U.C. Berkeley Mechanical Engineer that turned his painful 10-year battle with severe anxiety into a mission to engineer an actual permanent solution for anxiety. After 8 years of research and testing (working with 3000 people from 5 continents) Daniel and his research have developed world’s only permanent anxiety solution program with a 90% success rate. And because Daniel is so passionate about results, his company is the only emotional health company in the world where clients only pay at the end of, once your anxiety is fully solved. Daniel was also a stand-up comedian for 15 years, so I’m sure this interview will be very illuminating for you...but also entertaining... please welcome Anxiety Solution Pioneer...Daniel Packard.



What we Discussed:


- Daniels Nomad Life and where feels good ( 1 min)


- Logistically Free ( 4 mins)


- Stop Keeping up with the Jones (8:30 mins)


- The Fear of Public Speaking (11:30 mins)


- Daniel as an Elf and Santa (17:30 mins)


- Helping my Relationship bad pattern ( 23 mins)


- Teaching self love to kids (30 mins)


- When the parent is passing Anxiety onto their children ( 33 mins)


- Working with 3000 people to make a system work ( 37 mins)


- Helping a heroin addict ( 41 mins)


- Not getting love from his Dad (47 mins)


- Helping people that are broke ( 54 mins)


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Daniel Packard


Daniel Packard is a U.C. Berkeley Mechanical Engineer and Anxiety Solution Pioneer, whose company engineered world's first permanent anxiety solution program with a 'no change no charge' guarantee.

After, staying in an abusive relationship too long, Daniel ended up with severe anxiety and PSTD. After spending 10 years and $100,000 trying solve his anxiety and seeing a trillion dollars is spent globally on mental health, but is not providing people in pain permanent solutions, Daniel took a stand and started his own research company. With the mission to see if it was possible to reverse engineer a simple, permanent solution for anxiety. Daniel and his team were not therapists or doctors or psychologists. They were not traditional experts. They were outsiders. And because they were outsiders, they were open to seeing what the experts missed. Including the huge breakthrough that even though the experts say anxiety is a problem of the mind. The data revealed that in fact anxiety is a problem of the body. Based on this discovery Daniel and his team spent a total of 8 years, working with several thousand people (from 5 continents) to develop, test and perfect an innovative 6-week program, that in just 6 weeks solves all forms of anxiety permanently. With an industry leading 90% success rate. This 6-week program called Nervous System Reset has helped their hundreds of individual clients but also over 3000 people at over 300 companies and universities all over the world. Including the South African government which asked to bring this innovate process to … Read More