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Insightful host

Roy is a great host who obviously does his homework on each guest. His questions are insightful and help to guide the guest through their story! I highly recommend the show!

Love the Podcast

If you're looking for a podcast that can both entertain and educate you, look no further than "Speaking Podcast." With its engaging host, insightful content, and a wide range of fascinating topics, this show offers an enjoyable and enriching listening experience.

What a show!!

Roy is an outstanding interviewer and he knows exactly the right questions to ask his guests to get to the heart of the matter. I highly recommend!

Must listen show!

I just love listening to this show.

Delightful host, meaningful content

It’s remarkable what a charming and personable podcast host can accomplish for both their loyal listeners and welcome guests. I really enjoyed my conversation with Roy and appreciate the deep value and connective storytelling we shared in this episode. A great resource to be sure. Congratulations on a strong, clear platform.

Exciting topics, engaging conversations!

What I love about this podcast is that the host is great at asking questions that trigger the guests to share some real jewels. I also appreciate the variety of topics, while keeping them all relevant within the overall umbrella of Speaking. Successful combination of variety and cohesion.

Great Personality, Keep up the good work Roy!

It was truly an honor to be a part of your show and to share my thoughts and experiences with your audience. I was thoroughly impressed with your hosting skills and how you kept the conversation flowing in such an engaging and insightful manner. Thank You for taking the time to read my book before the show. Your preparation was greatly appreciated.

Wonderful Host!

I recently had the honor of being interviewed by Roy. Our conversation was very captivating, fun, and engaging!!! 👏🏼 Highly recommend this podcast and host. Thanks again, Roy!

From Near Death to Firewalking

I have had been on several podcast. And, none were like this. Roy is a seasoned veteran and it shows. I felt like Roy had become my best friend at the end of the interview. Not only did he ask powerful and impactful questions, he knew exactly when to as them. Roy also did his research, he studied my bio, my career, and he watched several of my YouTubes. Roy Coughlan is a 5-star host all the way. I hope he invites me back sometime. Dave Albin CEO Firewalk Adventures

High energy host with great content!

Roy is a high octane, very professional podcast host with a variety of shows you should check out! I had the opportunity to be on his Speaking Podcast and had a great time! Check our episode out today!

Listen to episode 185

The episode with Peter George was truly captivating, a must listen for Speakers like me. Loved the wealth of information shared. Looking into getting Peter’s book as well. Loved the authentic perspective shared throughout the episode.

Speaking Podcast

Speaking Podcast with Roy Coughlin…. Roy is a good natured host who asks, interesting, thought-provoking questions!

Great podcast for public speakers

Lots of actionable tips from other great speakers.

Conquer public speaking!

Public speaking not a joke, Roy has great contents to build the confidence and also the right tools and techniques to implement. I highly recommend these episodes.

Covers the Breadth of the Speaking World

There are so many moving parts to being both an effective speaker and building a profitable speaking business. Roy does a fantastic job of covering all those parts with the variety of experts he brings onto the Speaking Podcast and he does a wonderful job of pulling from his guests what is truly important.

Excellent content

Absolutely the best podcast to improve your speaking skills! I always learn something new that helps my speaking career. Highly recommended.

Extensive education about speaking

Speaking Podcast covers a broad range of topics led by Roy and his guests. They are all top notch speakers who enhance and fine tune all of us in our speaking opportunities and careers.

Not cookie cutter!

Roy can weave his shows together in a way that makes great sense AND brings out points of conversation that are unexpected.

Broad support and great host

I have been impressed with the variety of topics covered on the Speaking Podcast. There are so many things to consider in the speaking itself, as well as the business of speaking, that it feels overwhelming. Having them handled one at a time, as well as hearing stories from a diverse set of speakers is very helpful as an emerging professional speaker. Also, I really enjoyed being a guest on the show. Roy does a wonderful job of leading the conversation keeping his audience in mind.

Delightful and interesting!

So many interesting topics on speaking! Roy is a engaging as a host and interviewer and I love how this show covers so many aspects to speaking. Great show!

Wonderful experience

Roy is an absolute pleasure to chat with. Such great content and positive energy!

Great content!

There is such great content on Roy’s program, from all sorts of great speakers and experts in their topics.

Great interviewing style

Roy has a wonderful interviewing style where the guests get to shine and tell their stories. The podcast is filled with actionable tips and insights on how to become a better speaker.

Great show

Informative and positive show.

Vocal variety and more.

Roy is an extremely talented interviewer. As a guest l found myself sharing my inspirational memories that l had planned on. Wow! That takes a special talent.

Great show!

When you make the decision to become a public speaker, you are immediately confronted by your own insecurities and Imposter Syndrome. This podcast gives tangible tips from credible and helpful guests that help you bust through any blockages and become an amazing speaker.

Excellent and Fun Show

The Podcast experience was excellent. Roy asked insightful questions that allowed for great dialogue. Additionally, the questions led to answers that were very helpful to listeners and provided them with tangible action steps that could help add more value to their speaking profession. Roy has developed a great platform to inspire others.


Roy is an excellent podcast host, very passionate about his topics and knows how to have fun and make his guest comfortable and challenged at the same time. Looking forward listening to more episodes! Danielle Francisco Creator of The Drive to Succeed

Addresses an overlooked insight in speaking

What we often think about when wanting to improve public speaking is the series of tactical strategies we can use. But what I like about Roy’s Speaking Podcast is that it includes both that and a speaker’s personality and story. This underlines how important it is to remember that anyone with any kind of personality can be a speaker.

Roy is the epitome of a professional

In each episode of Speaking Podcast, Roy brings out the best in his guest, which in turn allows the guest to share information that helps his listeners become more effective speakers. He is able to do this because he does his homework, determining the right questions to ask each particular guest. I had the pleasure of being his guest, and he instantly made me feel welcomed and comfortable. As I wrote in the title of this review, Roy is the epitome of a professional.