Speaking Podcast

Speaking Podcast

I am interviewing public speakers. They are sharing how they overcame their fear and became competent speakers. Some will be for speeches, others workshops and even organising full events.
If you would like to make a change in the World then being able to speak in public is critical to get followers.

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According to Listennotes this Podcast is in the top 0.5% of Podcasts Internationally. Thank you to my listeners :)

Recent Episodes

A Successful Business, Trivia with Budds - Ryan Budds (#252)

Nov. 21, 2023

Ryan Budds is a comedian, trivia host, TV producer, and actor who has hosted over 10,000 in-person trivia events and comedy shows. ======= Thanks to my Sponsors : If you or know some body you know is struggling with anxiety …

Lessons Learnt Scaling a Business to 8 Figures - Dai Manuel (#251)

Nov. 11, 2023

Dai Manuel is a seasoned entrepreneur and business leader with extensive experience in executive roles. As a co-founder, COO, and CMO of a successful omnichannel retail organization that generates over $10 million annually, …

The Speaking Santa - David Doerrier (#250)

Nov. 7, 2023

David D. Doerrier is a dynamic professional speaker, trainer, and coach with over 25 years of experience in the field of training and development, leadership and communication. ======= Thanks to my Sponsors : If you or know …

#249 Brad Pedersen - Lomi, The World’s 1st Smart Waste Kitchen Composter

Oct. 28, 2023

In 2021, Brad and the team at Pela successfully launched a record-breaking $9.8M crowd-sourced campaign for the Lomi, the world’s first smart waste kitchen composter. ======= Thanks to my Sponsors for Helping Support me: If …

#248 Jeff Ton - How to get a Technical message to a Non technical audience

Oct. 22, 2023

Jeff Ton is a sought-after speaker, author and thought leader, having led powerful teams and built successful Information Technology departments for over 30 years. ======= Thanks to my Sponsors for Helping Support me: If you…

#247 John C. Morley - A Flight that led to Speaking Engagements

Oct. 15, 2023

John C. Morley, a seasoned serial entrepreneur, podcast coach, engineer, marketing specialist, and a nationally recognized talk show host on both the internet and AM/FM radio. ======= Thanks to my Sponsors for Helping Suppor…