Jan. 21, 2024

Man Up,Sober Up, helping people overcome alchol and addiction - Ryan Penley (#258)

Ryan Penley is the author of Man Up. Sober Up, helping people overcome alchol and addiction.


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About Ryan Penley in his own words :

A new author and solopreneur. Man Up. Sober Up. is my first book published December 5th on paperback and official launch of the Ebook on Amazon is January 17th. I believe it's my due diligence to help others who may be struggling with addiction and alcoholism and I myself have been sober since March 31st 2019. I believe that the degree to which a person can be transparent about their recovery is correlated to how healthy they have become. I want others to experience the joy of a recovered path and become sober.

What we Discussed:


- Who is Ryan Penley ( 1:30 mins)


- How did it start with drinking and pills ( 2:45 mins)


- If you have an alcholic parent ( 5:30 mins)


- Getting on Opiates ( 8 mins)


- The boost and comedown from Opiates / Drink ( 10 mins)


- Drug use is selfish ( 13 mins)


- 11 years in Vegas ( 13 mins)


- How he got into a Coma ( 17 mins)


- Was he aware while in a come ( 21:30 mins)


- Awake of dangers of diabetes and not caring ( 23 mins)


- When he decided to change ( 25 mins)


- His Free 21 day Challenge to help other ( 28 mins)


- If you are stopping drinking and how to navigate ( 35 mins)


- The feeling of helping others recover ( 39:30 mins)


and more 



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