March 3, 2024

Know What You Can Deduct Before Paying Taxes - Matthew Sercely (#267)

Matthew Sercely is an attorney and tax advisor who has dedicated his business to making sure that people aren't overpaying their taxes. He has been very into cryptocurrency, primarily bitcoin, since 2020.


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Bio of Matthew Serely:

I've been an attorney for over 15 years, but I've always been a serial entrepreneur. Depending on how you count it, I've had 14 businesses in the past 25 years. As part of running my various businesses, I had to learn more about taxes so I could save every penny possible. Eventually, I found 2 businesses that have been successful- real estate investing and helping people avoid taxation once I realized how much of a help I could be to other entrepreneurs. I'm also an ardent libertarian and freedom lover. While I work with many clients who are not, I find that many freedom-focused people make especially good clients of mine since we tend to be on the same wavelenghth.

What we Discussed:


- Matthews Crypto Journey ( 2 mins)


- Who he thinks created Bitcoin ( 4 mins)


- Wallet & Exchange he recommends ( 5:30 mins)


- Capital Gains Taxes for Crypto ( 7 mins)


- Mining is Considered a Job (8 mins)


- If you move to a Zero Tax Country ( 12 mins)


- Ways to Reduce your tax bill ( 16 mins)


- Hiring Your Kids to Reduce your Taxes (19:45 mins)


- Should you hire your spouse (23 mins)


- Retirement Accounts and returns (25:45 mins)


- Business Expense deductions (28:30 mins)


- Pros & Cons of Trusts (30:30 mins)


- Book recommendation of saving Taxes ( 35 mins)


- State Taxes ( 38 mins)


- Common Mistakes made ( 41 mins)


- Thoughts on Crypto Regulation (46 mins)


- Do not think that Blockchain is Anonymous (49 mins)

- IRS Investigation ( 53 mins)


and more



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