Jan. 26, 2024

How people react based on their belief systems - Bradley Charbonneau (#259)


Bradley Charbonneau likes to replace the "c" in Medication with a "t" to make it Meditation and he takes his Meditation every single day.


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About Bradley Charbonneau :

Bradley Charbonneau spent 9 years "dreaming" his dream until one day on November 1, 2012, when he finally took tiny, daily action towards his dream. Then he started living his dream.

What we Discussed:


- Who is Bradley Charbonneau ( 1 :45mins)


- Be the shining light for your family (4:45 mins)


- Advantages of Meditation ( 7 mins)


- Started Meditating because his Dad was dying of Cancer ( 8:30 mins)


- Its the small things that matter (13 mins)


- Bradleys Speaking journey (14 mins)


- Planning a speech ( 17 mins)


- Speaking from the Heart ( 20 mins)


- How people react based on their belief systems ( 23 mins)


- How to start writing a book ( 26 mins)


- Publishing Vs Self Publishing ( 32 mins)


- Be the voice of your own Audio book (33 mins)


- Draft 2 digital ( 35 mins)


- Audio editing tips ( 36:45mins)


- The Meditation that he gave for the next episode ( 44 mins)


- His Podcast repossible ( 47 mins)


and more 



How to Contact Bradley Charbonneau :




Podcast https://bradleycharbonneau.com/series/repossible/
















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