April 23, 2024

Deep Secrets of Easy Influence - Land Any Client - Close Any Deal with George Hutton

Learn Deep Secrets of Easy Influence - Land Any Client - Close Any Deal


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About George Hutton : 

George Hutton Is a certified hypnotist, author and scientist. He received a B.S. in Physics in 1990. He managed a Research and Development Laboratory for a biomedical company for ten years. He has been involved in sales, persuasion, and hypnosis. George has been teaching, coaching and creating hypnosis and NLP based products for over a decade.

What we Discussed:


- Who is George Hutton (1:30 mins)


- His teaching in a few Countries (2:45 mins)


- His own Speaking Journey (5:45 mins)


- Toastmasters (7 mins)


- How he got into Hypnosis (11:30 min)


- How to Start Public Speaking (15 mins)


- Warm up Exercises (17 mins)


- How to Write a Speech (18:45 mins)


- How he wrote 100 Books (20:30 mins)


- Is Subliminal Programming dangerous (24 mins)


- Can you learn when you are asleep (26:45 mins)


- Stage Hypnosis (28 mins)


- His Company Mind Persuasion (31 mins)


- Letting go of the Ego (34 mins)


- You will not change a persons belief by arguing (37 mins)


- If you want to change the World you have to behave how you want the World to be (39 mins)


- Social Media & Business Tips (41 mins)




How to Contact George Hutton :


https://youtube.com/@mindpers/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/georgehutton/



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Speaking Podcast Social Media / Coaching My Other Podcasts ⁠https://bio.link/podcaster


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George Hutton Profile Photo

George Hutton

Author, Personal Coach,

About George Hutton

I started out interested in science so I got a degree in Physics.

I ran a research and development laboratory for ten years, made some money in the stock market and took some time off.

Then I went to Asia and taught English for 15 years.

During that time I started researching hypnosis, self development and persuasion.

Through my work as a freelance copywriter I learned as much as I could about how to convince people through the written word to buy things.

This led me to a deep curiosity about human nature and why we do what we do.

The more I understood human nature, the better I could persuade people.

I've since authored nearly 80 books on self development, as well as 30 novels.

I've slowly built up my (very loyal) customer base over the years and continue to find new and interesting ways to help them achieve their communication, social and self development goals.