May 3, 2023

#218 Figs O'Sullivan - Relationship Expert For The New World

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Your expert counselor Figs O Sullivan is here to guide your back to connection using Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy and the Empathi Method. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please consider donating so I may continue to create free content ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Bio of Figs O Sullivan:

Figs O’Sullivan is the emotional mentor thought leaders come to. As the creator of the world-class Empathi Method for personal and interpersonal growth, Figs has pushed the boundaries of what it means to be a specialist in the human condition.
That means no surface-level insights, quick tactics, or band-aids. This is the real deal.

What we Discussed:


- What Fiachra means


- His Speaking Journey and problems with his accent


- His Qualifications


- Growing up in a family of therapists


- His Podcast with his wife and sharing their vulnerabilities


- When Co-hosting to not hog the stage


- What to do if only one of the couples want therapy


- When one of the clients want the therapist to be same sex in order to relate better


- His Online course


- How they match the client with the therapists on their team


- Why they are very transparent with their fees


- What to do when a partners belittles a partner in public


- When there are different parenting styles in the household


- How Relevant are the 5 Love Languages


- The meaning behind Empathi


- His Social Media Tips


and more



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