March 11, 2023

#202 How to pitch for Speaking Opportunities - Dr Jessica Houston

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Bio of Jessica:

Named one of the top 50 speakers globally, by “Real Leaders,” Dr. Jessica Houston travels nationally and internationally inspiring thousands of college students, corporate executives, and conference attendees every year. As a transformational speaker, her messaging and platform are heavily influenced by her expertise in personal growth, leadership development, and mental health, which expands more than a decade. She currently serves as a professor at Purdue University and owns and operates a successful personal and professional development training company


What we Discussed:


- From lacking self confidence to being a successful entrepreneur


- Her 2 Books 'Profitable Conversations' & 'Its time to stop in silence


- The journey to getting paid as a speaker


- Named top 50 Speakers Globally


- The Pros & Cons of certification


- You must put in the work to get the benefit of a coach


- How to get out of your comfort zone


- Speaker Bootcamp


- Recommendations on Social Media


- How to pitch for speaking opportunities


- Preparing for a keynote


- Content marketing to generate coach leads


- Should you do free introduction coach calls


and more



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Speaking Podcast Social Media / Coaching My Other Podcasts + Donations







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