Feb. 22, 2022

#136 Build Trust & Consistency through Social Media - Aleya Harris

#136 Build Trust & Consistency through Social Media - Aleya Harris

About my Guest:

Aleya Harris, CPCE is a powerhouse Storybrand Certified Guide, empire-building owner of Flourish Marketing, award-winning marketer, sought-after speaker, mic-drop copywriter, and woo enthusiast.

She’s committed to helping entrepreneurs get out of the never-ending grind so they can tap into their heart’s purpose and live a life that uplifts their soul.

Over 13 years of marketing experience and a fancy StoryBrand Guide Certification

Certified NES Health Practitioner and BioEnergetic Business Coach

Once she made the decision to incorporate, she led the Flourish Marketing team to make 6 figures in 5 months

Virgo sun/Aries moon, Enneagram 3 wing 2, Meyers-Briggs ESFJ, Numerology Life Path 7, Human Design Generator, and a DISC pure I... Basically, Aleya is driven, caring, and has an energetic personality.  You'll love to listen!

What we Discussed:

- Her Speaking Journey

- How Aleya Structures her Speech

- Creating a Call to Action at the end of the Speech

- Connecting on Zoom

- Making Money with Masterclasses

- The More Information you give away the Higher the Conversion

- How to Create a Low Fall off on Webinars

- Building Trust & Consistency through Social Media

- The Best e-mail Marketing System

- Bio Energetics

and more

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