Jan. 21, 2022

#130 Business in 80 Countries - Paul Ruppert

#130 Business in 80 Countries - Paul Ruppert

Paul Ruppert is a veteran CPaaS and mobile services executive, strategy consultant and holder of 2 tech patents enabling global text messaging, with career experience in both the private and public sectors applying a range of multidisciplinary skills exercised at the highest levels of both arenas–from corporate boardrooms to the White House.  He has generated over $400M in direct sales, is a skilled cross border negotiator, technology innovator and strategic partnership driver with two decades leading global commercial, product, marketing teams and M&A deals in B2B SaaS sales.  Prior to entering the private sector, with a Harvard masters graduate degree Paul served over a decade in policy and political roles as an legislative assistant to a US Senator, economic development advisor to a cabinet Secretary, a technology industry lobbyist and White House staffer.  His private sector achievements are exceptional including scaling startups from $0 to $Billion valuations, forging global strategic partnerships, doing business in 80 countries, working with private equity and $B enterprises managing $130M business P&Ls, and managing cross border, cross cultural teams of teams having lived in the US, France and China.   His combined commercial and technology skills have been applied to technically developing and commercial harvesting innovation–”Innovisioneering” as he has written about it https://bit.ly/3Egbdn4   , and yielded mobile network cyber security solutions including winning the GSM Association’s Best Cyber Security Solution award in 2013.   Paul Ruppert is the President of Global Point View Ltd, a strategy consulting firm providing insights to technology companies seeking guidance on focus, strategies and plans via scaling, partnerships and acquisitions. His international clients have included Facebook, MasterCard, Western Union, Liveperson, Infobip, private equity and venture firms looking to leverage mobile services in their digital plans for conversational commerce.

What we Discussed:

- Working in the Mobile Market

- Classically Trained as a Political Operative

- Structuring a Speech

- Building a Sales Team

- How our 1st jobs build our skill sets

- Knowing if an M & A will work

- Limiting you Currency Exposure

- Why he might write a book

and more

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