Oct. 14, 2021

#116 Every Master was Once a Disaster - Robert Raymond Riopel

#116 Every Master was Once a Disaster - Robert Raymond Riopel

Robert Raymond Riopel is the best-selling author and podcast host of Success Left a Clue.

He is also the creator of the interactive web platform and app called AmentorA.

Throughout the years Robert has helped thousands of open-minded people to take action, make their dreams a reality, and be seen as an authority in their field.

He believes that every person has information and value that they can share with others but most of the time they fail because they don't believe in themselves.

That is why he made it his mission to be of service to others, helping them with their growth and development.

Not just in their business or career but also in their personal lives.

To get more information on how Robert changes lives and how he can also help you visit robertriopel.com

What we Discussed:

- Training over 1/2 Million people in Workshops

- His Franchise journey from being in Debt to Financially Free

- Connecting with the Audience around the World

- Dealing with Translators

- Executing 3-5 days @12hrs each and keeping the audience engaged

- Dealing with a disruptive audience attendee 

- What you do off stage is what makes you great on stage

- Ever Master was Once a Disaster

- Why Gangnam style dance was such a success 

- Working with your spouse

- HIs book and why he designed it as a Workbook

and more

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