Sept. 22, 2021

#113 Building a Personal Brand - Danielle Francisco

#113 Building a Personal Brand - Danielle Francisco

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About my Guest:


Entrepreneur, Speaker, Podcaster, Outdoor and Travel Enthusiast

In 2015 after being laid off twice early in my career, Having a strong background in the events trade and publishing industry. I started my own marketing agency in Dubai.

Over the years of hustle and working with corporate brands, I almost came to a point of burn out and put my marriage on a shaky ground. I realised if I wanted to build a business that operates not just on making money but something more meaningful,

I need to build a business truly where I’m passionate about, where I can create massive success not just for myself but as well for others. Most importantly live a life of significance for the new breed of entrepreneurs and married couple alike.

I am an outdoor enthusiast, I love hiking and reaching new mountain heights Traveling the world with my wife and living life to the fullest.

What we Discussed:

- His speaking journey moving from the Philippines to Dubai

- How to work out the kinks to work with your spouse

- Building a Personal brand

- Why he started his Podcast

- Ideas on what to speak about

- Creating Themes and structure

- Building your audience

- Cookies and Tracking

and more

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