Sept. 19, 2021

#112 With Disruption Allows for Reflection - Kyle J Sullivan

#112 With Disruption Allows for Reflection - Kyle J Sullivan

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About my Guest:

Over the past 11 years Kyle had the opportunity to lead at & learn from incredible churches in Life Church & Transformation Church executing in various ministry roles.

His heart for creating this type of coaching comes from understanding specific pain points of Pastors & Church Leaders to specialize in the following areas to help create a plan, process, and pathways for incredible results for churches.

What we Discussed:

- His speaking journey

- His previous work as a Pastor

- How to keep Younger Audiences Engaged

- What you do offstage allows you to be heard onstage

- How Kyle prepares his speeches

- With Disruption allows for Reflection

- The advantages of using Myers Briggs

- Why he started his Podcast

and more

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