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Nov. 10, 2023

Tuning into the Fanbase: Diane Kyrus

Tuning into the Fanbase: Diane Kyrus

We've all been to the Facebook group A Shot in the Arm. Whether you want to learn, share, or debate, the page is there for thousands of Wilco fans.

In this episode of Shoving Wilco, Todd Rossnagel visits with Diane Kyrus. Kyrus orchestrates the lively Facebook group for our favorite band, Wilco.

Through her stories, discover the intricate melodies of managing a social media haven for fellow enthusiasts, the crescendos and decrescendos of online fandom, and the personal connections that tie them all together.

This episode is not just a conversation; it's a celebration of Wilco's legacy and a behind-the-scenes look at the fan-created symphonies of support and shared musical passion.

Tune in as we explore her top Wilco tracks, discuss what fuels her commitment, and learn how the band's lyrical narratives echo within the chambers of social media.

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