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Feb. 23 2024 ep - error
Thirteen was written by Alex Chilton and Chris Bell of Big Star, not Gram Parsons, as you stated.

Great platform for Wilco fans
Without reservation, an appreciation of Wilco. But it is also informative, well produced, and entertaining. Host(s) gives personal perspectives, but entirely welcoming & inclusive. Not dogmatic, at all. Guests contribute to broader picture & ideas surrounding the band.

For Wilco Fans & Lovers
Rossnagel intertwines a fan’s sensibility (give me details!) with deep curiosity about the band, it’s mercurial founder and frontman, the lyrics and the creative process. Through song deep dives and interviews with those watching the band from the wings, Shoving Wilco explores theology, artistry, cultural influences and politics with one of the greatest alt Rock bands out there.